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Date Reading Preacher Sermon Title Sermon Series
8th Feb, 15 Genesis Ch.6-9 Rev. Russell Edgar Trusting in God Altogether Service
5th Apr, 15 John Ch. 19 Rev. Russell Edgar Easter Sunday
17th May, 15 Daniel Ch. 1 Rev. Russell Edgar Daily Living The Book of Daniel
14th Jun, 15 Daniel Ch.2 Rev. Russell Edgar What we do when the bottom falls out of life The Book of Daniel
26th Jul, 15 Daniel Ch.3 Rev. Russell Edgar Faith in the Fire The Book of Daniel
23rd Aug, 15 Daniel Ch. 4-5 Rev. Russell Edgar Living Wisely in Exile The Book of Daniel
27th Sep, 15 Daniel Ch. 6 Rev. Russell Edgar Dare to Live Differently:"Trust" The Book of Daniel
25th Oct, 15 1 Corinthians Ch. 12 vv.12-31 Rev. Russell Edgar Teamwork
8th Nov, 15 Rev. Russell Edgar Remembrance Sunday
13th Dec, 15 Luke Ch.2 vv. 6-15 Rev. Russell Edgar Third Sunday of Advent - Rejoice Advent 2015
3rd Jan, 16 James Ch. 1 vv. 1-12 Rev. Russell Edgar Courage Book of James
31st Jan, 16 James Ch. 1 vv. 13-18 Rev. Russell Edgar Temptation Book of James
14th Feb, 16 James Ch. 1 vv. 19-27 Rev. Russell Edgar Wholehearted Book of James
6th Mar, 16 James Ch. 1 vv. 26 - 2:13 Rev. Russell Edgar Wholehearted Love Book of James
17th Apr, 16 James Ch. 2 vv.14-26 Rev. Russell Edgar Wholehearted Love Book of James
1st May, 16 Ephesians Ch. 4 vv.17-5:2 Rev. Russell Edgar Imitators of God